There are many possibilities for accommodation in Paris.

You do not need to look for a place in the close neighbourhood of the conference. It's easy to get from one point to another in Paris with public transports. Some metro lines also deserve towns in the surrounding of Paris.
Do not hesitate to look for a solution in urban districts surrounding Paris like Boulogne billiancourt or Montreuil which are at the two ends of line 9, one of the metro line that deserts the site of the conference. Montreuil is a more popular district and you may have more competitive prices there.

If you plan to stay a bit longer in Paris, for your information note that the 21th evening there will be "La fête de la musique". A good reason to stay another night or to run away asap...

Share a room?

If you want to share a room with a collegue form the conference, please let us know.

Ask for an accomodation as researcher or student at the Cité Internationale de Paris:

Search using commercial booking websites

To search for a hotel you can use commercial websites such as

It's worth comparing the prices on the sites of the hotels you have selected directly when they have their own websites.

Youth hotel

You can have a look at youth hotels such as:


They have three youth hotels in Paris:

- Auberge internationale des jeunes

- Saint Christopher Inn

Saint Christopher Inn also proposes affordable solutions (in dormitories). They have two sites in Paris:

St Christopher's Canal, 159 rue de Crimée and St Christopher's Gare Du Nord, 5 rue de Dunkerque

Cheap hotels

- If you are looking for a cheap and charmless hotel, you can look at hotels like ibis budget. There are usually located around Paris, or at the doors of Paris. There are two Ibis budget around Porte de montreuil, close to the metro line 9.

Hôtel Ibis Budget Paris Porte de Vincennes, 2, avenue Léon Gaumont, 75020 Paris

Hôtel Ibis Budget Paris Porte de Montreuil, 278-280 rue de Paris, 93100 Montreuil

- Looking for an other cheap and uncharismatic solution ?  The famous Formule 1 hotels may be for you !

There is one in bagnolet (called "Hôtel hotelF1 Paris Porte de Montreuil"), quite close to the Line 9 that deserves the conference. You can stay for four nights for about 210 euros. Book soon !


- If you want to keep an unforgettable memory of your stay in Paris at an unbeatable price consider the Hotel Premiere classe. Contrary to what their name implies, hotels premiere class are hotels usually located in glaucous and unsavory neighborhoods. But they are very cheap. You can have a room with three beds for about 210 euros for the four nights. If you are not afraid to walk a bit and discover tourists free neighboroud it's for you! The premiere class in Montreuil is located at 15 minutes walk from the metro mairie de Montreuil, the terminus of the line 9. Dont be afraid, one of the seminar organizer lives nearby (TT)...

- Ideal Hotel in montreuil: about 70/73 euros per night. Close to metro 9.  Maybe a bit noisy but we haven't tried it.

- You can also search for solutions on the est side of Paris (less expensive), close to porte de Montreuil (Line 9) :

- In Paris we had some recommandation for Hotel Arcet Paris, which is nice simple, but a bit more expensive and less direct in Metro...

Rent a flat

Also remember that you can rent apartments in or around Paris via the site airbnb. It can be profitable especially if you are in a small group.

A flat in boulogne not far from the conference:

If you are interested by sharing a flat with collegues, let us know...


More options

- Science Accueil is an association aiming at helping people coming for professional purposes and for a temporary stay to find living accommodations and to group together all the important informations.  Science Welcome can propose accommodation to all the guests of member establishments of Science Accueil and to foreign researchers and PhD of Paris, Paris 8 university (St-Denis), Paris 13 university (Villetaneuse / Bobigny) etc.

- Relatively affordable options can be found in a variety of hostels, b&b and hotels, here are some possibilities:


- Aloha Hostel, 1 rue Borromée, 75005 Paris

- Blue Planet Hostel , 5 rue Hector Malot, 75012 Paris

- BVJ Centre International Paris Quartier Latin, 44 rue des Bernardins, 75005

- Cisp - Kellermann,17 boulevard Kellermann, 75013 Paris


- FIAP Jean Monnet, 30 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris




- Oops Design Hostel, 50 avenue des Gobelins, 75013 Paris

- Young and Happy Hostels, 80 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris


Bed & Breakfast

- Good Morning Paris , 43 rue Lacépède, 75005 Paris

- Une chambre en ville, 10 rue Fagon, 75013 Paris



- Grand Hotel Voltaire, 150 boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris

- Hotel de la Place des Alpes, 2 place des Alpes, 75013 Paris

- Hotel Moulin Vert, 74 rue du Moulin Vert, 75014 Paris

- Hotel Timhotel Place d'Italie Butte aux Cailles, 22 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris

- Hotel de Blois, 5 rue des Plantes, 75014 Paris

- Hotel Stanislas, 5 rue de Montparnasse, 75006 Paris

- Hotel des Mines, 125 boulevard St Michel, 75005 Paris

- Libertel Gare de l'Est français, 13 rue du 8 mai 1945, 75010 Paris


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